Mediation Services

Don't Litigate - Mediate!

Litigation and Arbitration are expensive, procedurally complex, time-consuming, and perhaps most troubling you are bound to the decision of a third party such as a judge, jury, or arbitrator. In other words, someone else decides the outcome of your case! Don't you want to be involved in developing the solution to your problem?

Mediation addresses all of these concerns: it is significantly cheaper, straightforward, quick (often resolving within weeks of involving a mediator instead of months or years), and most importantly, using a mediator, YOU reach a decision that works for you and resolves your case.

Use my decades of legal and business experience, as an attorney, entrepreneur, and former CEO, to help guide your conflict to a successful resolution. Integrity, personal rapport, and confidentiality are important to me and how we resolve your matter.

As a mediator registered with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution, I don't represent a single party, but work with all parties involved to identify and craft creative solutions everyone can be pleased with.

Don't waste time and money fighting things out in court or with an arbitrator to reach a decision you probably wont like. Use a mediator and play a role in reaching a quicker and cheaper decision you will appreciate! 

Mediation services with nearly 30 years of business and legal experience:

Non-profit organizations

  • Churches
  • Membership organizations
  • Scientific societies
  • Professional societies
  • Certifying bodies

Computer & Internet law matters

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks/Service marks/Certification marks
  • Privacy issues
  • Information Security issues
  • Software matters
  • Information Technology
  • Domain name disputes