Non-Profit Organizations



A clear vision and strategy, well-written bylaws, and concise policies and procedures are absolutely necessary parts of governance to enable your organization to reach its potential.  Capitalize on my years of experience as both General Counsel and Executive Director to two of the largest non-profit international professional organizations in their respective industries to help you develop and/or refine what you need.


Non-profit organizations are not exempt from needing clear and concise contracts that enable business. Whether it is the organization's privacy policy, your website's terms and conditions for use, or an agreement with a vendor, use my decades of experience. Don't suffer a big expense in a few years because you thought you couldn't afford professional help now. 

Intellectual Property

Make sure you protect your trademarks, service marks, certification marks, and copywritten material. If you don't, you run the risk of losing valuable intellectual property

International Growth

Use my experience in opening offices around the globe to expand your organization internationally.

Business Law for Non-Profits

Board members often need guidance on proper protocol and procedure, as well as general business law. Personally, they want to mitigate the potential personal liability of serving in their roles. While state and federal law provide excellent protection, they don't in certain circumstances. Understand the implications of governance with a non-profit organization.


Non-Profits frequently face funding shortfalls and usually operate on thin budgets. Because of my experience and understanding of these realities, I offer non-profit organizations discounted rates. Ask for more information.